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Maiti Nepal successfully repatriated 5 women from Hyderabad, India who were falsely detained from Hyderabad International Airport while boarding a flight to Kurdistan for holding illegal travel documents. They were undergoing court hearings since the past 8-9 months and were being supported by Prajawala home, India.

It was understood that they were prey of Human traffickers who lured them promising of better employment opportunities and attractive income by handing fake and illegal travel documents. Due to the ongoing pandemic, they were kept in isolation where they were verbally and mentally abused for a long time.

After completion of the legal procedures where it was found that the women were the victims of Human Trafficking instead, they are now repatriated to Nepal following all the guidelines of WHO and Nepal Government. They are under quarantine at the Rehabilitation home of Maiti Nepal where they are receiving psychosocial counseling and will be reintegrated with their families. Also, Maiti Nepal is working closely with Winrock International where the employment opportunities for them are being explored as per their abilities within the country itself under Hamro Samaan Project.

Nepal Government has banned the travel of Nepali girls/women to Middle East and various other region for household work from Nepali airport, many of such girls/women are still found be traveling to these region taking illegal and risky route via India and other nearby countries. They are under high risk of abuse and exploitation not only in the destination place but also in-route such as these 5 women.