18 Nepalese women repatriated from Sri Lanka

Migration from one place to another is a common manifestation across the world. Due to lack of employment opportunities and the rising levels of poverty in Nepal, Nepalese are compelled to migrate to the countries like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Oman and other Gulf countries in search for better opportunities.

Likewise, 18 Nepalese women have been repatriated from Sri Lanka on the 6th of August, with the joint efforts of Maiti Nepal, Nepalese and Sri Lankan authorities. This issue came into light when Man Maya Dunwar, one of the trafficked woman managed to flee. Man Maya came to Maiti Nepal and filed a report against the culprits, who have been trafficking Nepalese women to the Iraq, Iran, Syria, Oman and other Gulf countries.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal and the Chief Secretary has been actively involved with Maiti Nepal to speed up the process for their rescue.

The trafficked women were flown to Sri Lanka with MRP passports in the name of different people and different photographs. This shows the negligence of the Sri Lankan and Indian Immigration department and also the Airlines counter. This is a serious problem and has given rise to Human Trafficking.

The trafficked women were confided in a single room for months, with no clothes and proper food. They even faced verbal abuses. Currently all the 18 women are in Maiti Nepal’s shelter and a legal case has been filed against the culprits. Maiti Nepal is currently trying to seek justice for them. Along with legal assistance, they have been receiving psychological counseling as well.