24 Nepali women were rescued from a house in Delhi

24 Nepali women were rescued from a house in Delhi on the 16th of May by the Embassy of Nepal and Crime Branch of Delhi police. All 24 women are currently under the protection of Maiti Nepal, where they will be provided with safe shelter, psycho-social counseling, medical services as well as legal aid.


According to reports, these women were lured by their respective agents with lucrative job offers in the Middle Eastern countries. They were kept in a private house in Delhi for about a month before they were rescued on Tuesday. Out of the 24 women, only 18 possessed passports and the rest were promised that they could fly to Kuwait without a passport.

Due to lack of employment opportunities and the rising trend of foreign labour migration, Nepalese are compelled to migrate to the Gulf and some of the Sub-Saharan countries in search for better opportunities in order to improve the standard of living of their families. However, on the one hand migrating to Gulf countries open up new potentials of social, cultural and economic welfare. On the other hand it also poses a huge risk for the women to resort to a place which is totally different in culture, language, laws and customs.