Maiti Nepal’s Program Area

Awareness Campaign

Maiti Nepal an organization devoted to combating human trafficking including violence against women and children; is engaged in protection, rescue and rehabilitation of survivors of trafficking by promoting their human rights in diversified avenues. Activities include awareness campaigns among general public, people with low level of awareness, school and college students, parliamentarians, law enforcement agencies, Village Development Committees, and concerned agencies.

Maiti Nepal takes every opportunity to create greater sensitivity and generate broader solidarity among national law makers, Nepalese government agencies, and at regional and international levels.  With its head office in Kathmandu, Maiti Nepal has three regional offices located in the Eastern, Central and Western regions of the country. The headquarters of the regional offices are in Kakarvitta in Eastern Nepal, Chitwan in Central Nepal and Bhairahawa in Western Nepal.


Maiti Nepal runs three prevention Homes, eleven Transit Homes, two Rehabilitation Homes, two Hospices, Community Outreach Programs and Community Awareness Programs in different parts of the country.

Maiti’s Affiliation

  • ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes).
  • ATSEC (Action Against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children).

  • Medical Services
  • Family Identification and Reunion
  • Filing Court Cases against the accused
  • Rights-based Training to Survivors
  • Gainful Employment
  • Self Help Group
  • Crisis Counselling
  • Mainstreaming in Formal Schools
  • Criminal Apprehending
  • Life Skills
  • Re-integration
  • Follow up

Preventative Aspects

  • Prevention Homes
  • Non-Formal Education
  • Vocational Income Generating Training
  • Community Safety Net
  • Women Empowerment
  • Interception
  • Formal Education
  • Micro Credit
  • Safe Migration
  • Scaling up initiatives


  • Mass Community Awareness
  • Training School Teachers
  • Information and Resource Centre
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Linkage/Networking with Line Agencies
  • Empowerment of Social Structure
  • Cross Sectorial Meetings
  • Training School Students
  • Orientation/Training
  • Students against Human Trafficking
  • Mass Awareness
  • Maiti Nepal’s Volunteer


  • Liberation
  • Repatriation

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