Maiti Nepal and Nepal police succeed in arresting a rapist ! Survivor provided with needful services !!.

Thirteen year old Niva was pleasingly leading her life until the tribulation reached her. Going to school and assisting her mother in household chores were her regular task. She was doing well in her studies regardless of spending considerable time in the household errands.

It was weekend; fete was going on in nearby village so to put on the ginger stall out there, Niva and her aunt had planned to walk together. But then again aunt left earlier than her so she had to make her way all alone while going and returning as well.
Dusk had fallen by the time Niva was returning home; on her way home she happened to bump into Buddhabir Magar (a village boy). He walked with Niva pretending accompanying her and after reaching Dhurdhure Dada; Magar raped this little girl and further threatened to take her life away.  Niva yelled and shouted like anything for help and this unpleasing sound reached her maternal uncle. By the time he arrived there , Buddhabir ran away.

After the accident Niva’s family reported the case to Maiti Nepal Transit Home of Morang district and without further delay Maiti Nepal, with the coordination with police, succeeds in arresting Buddhibir.

Niva is emotionally collapsed after being hit by the tragedy but Maiti Nepal Transit Home Morang is constantly helping her healing the emotional scars with providing her moral, emotional and psychological support.