Press Release – Women Rescue from Manipur, India

Maiti Nepal in coordination with the Embassy of Nepal in New Delhi, India, Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen and Anti-Human Trafficking Investigation Bureau rescued 21 women from the Indian state of Manipur, near the border of Myanmar. All the women rescued were travelling to various destinations like Oman and Dubai illegally for the foreign employment escaping the National Law. With repeated alert from Maiti Nepal and other likeminded organisations, the girls are still found to be crossing the borders and travelling to foreign land for better opportunities.

All the 21 girls had been residing in different shelter homes for more than 9 months. On 12th July, 2020, the girls were rescued and repatriated back to Nepal via Kakarvitta border on 14th July 2020. Given the tough circumstances created by the Covid19, currently, all the girls are being quarantined at Sneha Griha operated by Maiti Nepal located in Sattighatta, Jhapa district.

Among them, 13 girls arrived at Kathmandu on 15th July, 2020 and are being quarantined at Maiti Nepal’s shelter home, Kathmandu while the rest are at Sneha Griha. After the quarantine, all the girls will be reintegrated to their family at the earliest possible. Meanwhile, Maiti Nepal also rendered its regular services with proper quarantine facilities to 24 girls and women amid the Covid19 pandemic and during the entire lockdown period who faced various problems like rape and domestic violence.

The lack of adequate income generation opportunities within the country leaving them with no other options was the prime reason for them to travel illegally. In many cases, they are lured by agents to opt for foreign employment because most of them either illiterate or have primary or basic level education. Also, married girls selected this path with the consent of their husbands while the unmarried ones choose this risky path because of their poor economic condition and family responsibilities.

The promised amount for the girls in the foreign land ranges in an average from Rs. 14000 to Rs. 35000. The girls state that, if they are provided with trainings and work at Nepal, they will definitely stay back. Foreign employment is not their wish but their obligation.

Maiti Nepal is a non-governmental organization working against Human Trafficking for the past 28 years.