Child Protection Center Kathmandu

Child Protection Center of Maiti Nepal stands as one of the preventative strategy of Maiti Nepal. Children belonging to underprivileged communities and precarious trafficking circumstances are provided comprehensive services at the Child Protection Center so that they remain safe and they get every opportunity for their holistic development. Service provided by Child Protection Center ensures rights of children in all dimensions including survival, protection, development and participation.

Since 1993, Maiti Nepal has been conducting a Child Protection Centre (CPC), which is a residence for 250children.CPC has been offering shelter to children from different backgrounds. Most of the children residing at CPC have a history of being trafficked or are the children of mothers who were forced to work as sex workers in India. There are also extremely vulnerable children, who were intercepted at border crossings by MaitiNepal,or had been raped, subjected to domestic violence,child labour, or are orphans or destitute and living on the street. Some of them belong to economically backward communities, marginalised and disadvantaged groups or broken families. The children are sometimes ostracised by their families and communities or are simply abandoned because they are HIV positive. CPC also cares for children whose parents have died as a result of AIDS. Under CPC’s roof, all these children have been living a safe and a secure life. Apart from taking care of their basic needs, CPC has been providing these children a holistic care and support service which empowers them to overcome their grief-stricken past and provides them with training and skills to enable them to lead a full and happy life. The children residing at CPC attend Teresa Academy and other schools/colleges. Teresa Academy is operated by Maiti Nepal.

Not only does CPC provide a formal education for the children under its care, it also provides a secure sheltered living facility, legal support and medical support as well as exposing them to the realities of life outside the shelter with opportunities to participate in sport and other recreational activities. CPC also provides a wide range of cultural and psycho-social counselling including career counselling. CPC performs wide range of activities in all areas of child rights including survival, protection, development and participation.

Anuradha Koirala adoring a child