Maiti Halfway Home

The small hotels/restaurant sector and massage parlours in Nepal have emerged as a noticeable intermediary supply sites for internal as well as cross-border trafficking of girls and young women. For the last few years there have seen an unprecedented number of women and girls entering employment as workers in dance venues, cabin restaurants and massage parlours in Nepal. Such employment has in some way helped in their economic independence but in other respects has made the girls and women extremely vulnerable to different forms of abuse/exploitation as well as impeding their social development.

In 2009, Maiti Nepal established the Half-Way Home in Kathmandu with the objective of providing a safe shelter home for the girls withdrawn from the entertainment venues.  The Half-Way Home provides a comprehensive rehabilitation programme and provides an alternative livelihood to bring the girls back into the mainstream society with vocational and life skills to enable them to live independently.

Since its establishment, the Half-Way Home has provided shelter to 53 girls. To keep the girls refreshed, several recreational activities are also conducted such as taking them for visit at various cultural and neighbourhood sites and picnics. The girls also undertake active roles in raising awareness against human trafficking by performing street dramas during the awareness campaigns.