Mother-Baby Project

Services to Mothers and babies at Risk

Services to Mothers and babies at Risk is initiated to provide comprehensive care to survivors of (trafficking, rapes, and gender violence) and their newly born babes, who have been stigmatized and discriminated by the communities.

Maiti Nepal provides comprehensive services to girls and women for a period of one year and more.

The young mothers who have been residing inside the shelter of Maiti Nepal live a happy and healthy life with proper care and support. In addition to that, they are provided with timely counselling where they are motivated to grab the opportunities to make their life independent and meaningful.

The services rendered by Mother-Baby Project:

  • Psychosocial counselling
  • Medical examination
  • Provide healthy diet and nutrition
  • Entertainment
  • Income generating trainings

 Achievements (2019)

  • Six mothers who joined Maiti Nepal under different circumstance successfully delivered healthy babies.
  • Life of one baby saved who suffered from Sepsis and received NICU support for four weeks.
  • Two young mothers enrolled to in-house tailoring training
  • One mother received a job placement in Maiti Nepal Foundation where she is involved in making beaded bracelets and handicrafts.
  • Reintegration of five mothers with their family members with proper counselling to the family members.