Prevention Homes

Prevention Homes as the name implies have been and continue to be set up in areas identified as high risk. Girls who have dropped out of schools and who belong to poor , large and dysfunctional families are always in the peril of being coerced into trafficking. Prevention Homes identify these girls and provide services and training so that these girls ultimately transform into social activists.

With the objective of providing support to vulnerable girls and women in areas prone to trafficking, Maiti Nepal runs the prevention homes in Nuwakot, Makwanpur and Nawalparasi.


These prevention homes run four to six month residential training programs for up to 25 at-risk girls at a time. The comprehensive programs include psychological counselling and self-esteembuilding activities, lessons in the signs and ways of traffickers and trafficking, health care, child and women’s rights and social issues. The programs also providetraining in life and income-generating skills such as sewing, candle making, fabric painting, tailoring, handloom weaving and small scale entrepreneurialdevelopment. To motivate trainees to become social activists, the package also teaches leadership, group formation, communication and community mobilisation skills. Graduates are empowered to conduct awareness campaigns in their local communities.