Transit Home- Birgunj, Parsa

The transit home Birgunj, established in 1997 is located at Chapkaiya, ward no. 2 in BirgunjSub Metropolitian City of Parsa District. Parsa district lies in the Central Development Region of the country and has its district headquarter in Birgunj.It comes under the Narayani Zone. Parsa encompasses Bara and Makwanpur districts in north, Makwanpur and Chitwandistrics in west.

Birgunj borders Indian town of Raxual in south and Makwanpur in north, Raxual lies under the Indian state of Bihar. Nepal and India share more than 1850 kilometers of open border and Birgunj serves as one of the busiest exit/entry points. The free flow of people between the two countries is one of the contributing factors to the high incidence of commercial sexual exploitation and Human Trafficking across Nepal-India Border.

Hence, Transit Home- Birgunj contributes in mitigating the risk of human trafficking.