Transit Home- Kodari, Sindhupalchowk

The transit Home Kodari, established in 2011 is located at Taopani Village Development Committee (VDC), Ward No. 3, Sindhupalchowk district. This is the district with Chautara as districts headquarter.

Sindhupalchowk touches the northern border on Nepal which is China. The geographical identification of Khasa is Rikajan region, Nyalam Country, Zhangmu, Khasa. Only one outlet to China from Sindhupalchwok is in Kodari at Tatopani VDC. There are many hotels, dance bars, guest house, resturants and cabins running in Khasa.

The aforesaid establishments are the main challenges for Nepali girls in terms of trafficking. Hence, Transit Home Kodari has been one of the viable means in curbing illicit trafficking of Nepalese girls of Khasa for commercial sexual exploitation.