Transit Homes

Nepal and India share almost 1,850 kilometres of open borders with very limited documentation procedures or systems in place for the proper identification of nationals from both sides of the border. This makes it very easy for children and women to be trafficked into India as well asChina, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq and Bahrain.Border towns are places where a little vigilance can have significant results.

The increasing number of Transit Homes is having a major effect in raising the awareness of human trafficking as well as providing interception points to rescue children and women.  The Transit Homes have their own surveillance teams who work with the border police to assist in interceptions of potential victims before they are taken across the border.

Maiti Nepal currently has 11 Transit Homes located at various border towns. The Transit Homes provide immediate temporary shelter and protection as well as offering counselling services, health care and classes to provide life skills and knowledge about human trafficking. The Transit Homes also coordinate with the governments and other organisations to rescue and repatriate victims already taken to countries as well as endeavouring to contact the parents and families of the children and women who have been intercepted or rescued.