Women Rehabilitation Home Kathmandu

The Rehabilitation Home in Kathmandu is an on-going project. Key activities of the Homeis to provide shelter; arrange non-formal as well as formal education; impart vocational, income generating and life skills; offer micro credit support, facilitate medical check-ups and treatment; conduct counselling and psychotherapy sessions; legal aid service and file cases against accused criminals; identify parents and encourage the residents to set up their own enterprises and become self-reliant.

Residents of the Home belong to heterogeneous mix. They include intercepted girls/women, potential victims of trafficking, survivors of domestic violence and rape, trafficked girl/women and vulnerable girls and women. The Rehabilitation Home is first and foremost a safe home to those who are in immediate need, and those who have been physically and/or psychologically scarred. This Home has been able to support the physical, psychological, and educational needs of its members and continues to provide safe temporary shelter during their stay.