Advocacy /Awareness

This program intends to address and eliminate the root causes of trafficking-ignorance, illiteracy, gender discrimination and gender violence. To prevent children and women from being trafficked, emphasis is laid on advocacy programs at the point of origin itself, which encourages the community to build early warning and support systems. These programs focus on adolescent girls, students, teachers, Village Development Committees and entire community. In these programs, children and women are trained on anti trafficking measures so that they can avoid being tricked and enticed by strangers who come to their village and attempt to lure them.

Awareness and advocacy campaigns against trafficking are intervention programs designed to reduce the problem of trafficking in children and women.


As a part of its prevention strategy, Maiti Nepal also reaches out to communities conducting mass awareness campaigns, orientations and training. These campaigns also train school teachers and studentsin the formation of antihuman trafficking groups, establishing information and resource centres and community outreach programs, conducting cross-sectorial meetings, linking and networking with other agencies working against trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitation.

The programs focus on educating communities about human trafficking and other forms of exploitationand the risks their daughters and sisters could face in the hand of traffickers.